1. Background Development
With the call out of Gears, the strategy of air domination has partially succeeded but with the unexpected appearance of Shrine, ground battle was triggered. The strategy and effort to dominate air until now required a new development of airframes to dominate the ground at the air dominated areas. The first step was to shield air firing and ground troop command authority. In order to accomplish this plan, Zone Co. Ltd released a new model that is suitable for the mentioned criteria.

2. Basic Armament
The A-Gear is a frame equipped with basic weaponry superior of the M-Gear. The various guns that are available to the A-Gear as its main weapons can be fired at long range when in siege mode and are very effective. These weapons shooting range has increased with high destruction power but with long load time. Yet with high destruction power bringing the enemy down quickly, giving an opportunity to help the troops in dominating the air, it is an advantage. Moreover, with the same heavy weaponry as M-Gear, Bundle and Mine, short distance combat can be successful as well.

3. Airframe Characteristics
The basic design for the A-Gear is an airframe that has been designed similar to a tank. In order for this airframe to move freely on land, hovercraft capabilities have been added. In addition, a camouflage colour has been painted on it. Out of all the characteristics, the transformation into siege mode is the best. This mode is the latest technology developed by Zone Co. Ltd that can perfectly support land and air combat. This siege mode greatly increases the A-Gears destructive capability. With an increase of hovers output, the speed is low but flying is also possible. This airframe is low in speed, with thick armor, defense power and long weapon loading time, but with high destructive power equipment the demerits have been fairly solved.

4. Fundamental Design Data

Official Name Anima Mortar Manufacturer Zone Co. Ltd
Type No. Zone-XX1 Serial No. GY-Z1
Player Decan Pilot Purpose of Usage Land Control, Air Protection, Attack
Function Method Gear and Cable, Board Source of Energy Gas Optical Molecular Form (Opposite Direction)
Communication Distance Under 91Km (Dependent on Satellite Radar on distance over 80Km)
Output Minimum Output 1,455hp
Ordinary Output 3,320hp
Maximum Output 4,785hp (Equipped with P. Tank for Air Napalm Launcher)
Main Weapon Basic Weapon Cannon / Mass Driver / Rail Gun
Strategic Weapons Air Napalm Launcher
Height 4.120m
Length 12.226m
Width 11.900m
Armor, Resources Airframe Mass 7,000Kg
Weapon Mass Basic 5,547Kg + Air Napalm Launcher 1,024Kg
1st Armor 148.00mm
2nd Armor 120.00mm
Armor Material Parallel Acryl Steel, Strong Moissanite, Carbon Steel
Pilot 1 person (Associated with only controlling motion related in Gear's attack, defense, etc.)
Computer H.E.E Co. Ltd brand of Model 6-Tenpole Line No. II 4.15Thz, 0.960k TM Memory
Engine Blue Core Co. Ltd brand of Transport Serial 1003-1A Counter Engine
Max. Speed 3,800km/H
Mach Back 1,200km/4.35sec
Max. Gravity 12.7G

5. Main Computer
The basic model is equipped with a Model 6-Tenpole Line No. II 4.15Thz manufactured by H.E.E. Co. Ltd. This computer is especially effective in the way it simulates events through a ground thermal sensing device, allowing surprise attack possible. In addition, an automatic signal sending system to the home control tower in case of an emergency or memorable simulation database all prove the excellent functions it can demonstrate. With the linkage of Cache and K-32 Custom Cache, which has bandwidth of L2, L3, L4 and L5, it senses ground heat and simultaneously land structural modeling. This is also linked with the data of the super computer in the headquarters. The 3A system makes it easy for auto tracking systems, auto sighting systems and auto height control systems to sense targets, which eventually makes it easy for the pilot to manipulate the airframe.

6. Main Engine
The main engine is equipped with Transport Serial 1003-1A, a Count Engine produced by Blue Core Co. Ltd. The engine provides stability and has the merit of low energy expenditure so that the airframe can fly for a long time. However, due to the tight design and the large Main frame tuning is unsuitable for this model. Also low efficiency is shown between output ratio and Torque. This problem is unavoidable.

Official Name Counter Shoot-A(1003) Manufacturer Blue Core Co. Ltd
Type No. 10239-A Serial No. BC-0015877A-A1
Type of Airframe A-Gear Operation Form Inspiration, Explosion, Ventilation
Function Method Pressure Sensing Accelerator Oxidizer/Solvent Liquid/Atom Separable Photosynthesizing Liquid

Main Resources

Basic Output 1,547hp Min Toque 53,447kg
Maximum Output 4,775hp Max Toque 110,256kg
Operation Hour 16h ~ 27h Energy Expenditure 43,000cr ~ 78,020cr/H
Weight 911.5kg Noise Level B
Vibration Level B Link System OK

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