About AirRivals


01. Mission
Air Rival missions are similar to quests in any RPG. As it is a flight shooting game though, there exist many different space missions in large quantities keeping players interested and excited. When a mission is accomplished the player moves on in the story of the game and receives items as a reward which provide an intense game depth.

02. Battle formation/brigade system
In Air Rivals there is a formation system similar to a regular party in any RPG. A maximum of 6 people can fly any formation (triangle formation, reverse triangle formation, X form formation and so on). The formation leader stays in the middle to move around and fight. Skills that generate from each formation are all different, depending on who participates in the formation. A much stronger formation can be formed if members of the formation work in perfect harmony. Additionally there is
another formation system similar to a guild in any RPG. The latter is called brigade. There can be up to 30 people within the brigade, the brigade leader in the middle. By registering their own brigade mark they can be differentiated from other users.

03. Battle/large-scale battle
AirRivals' best part are the battles between players. These can be fought through local wars, such as 1 on 1 battle, formation battle and brigade battle. It is also possible to fight with strategy and tactics where one force battles against the other force in large-scale fights within the server. Three dimensional battles in the air and on the ground will prove an experience that you've never had before. As a result of these battles, your nation can gain profit.

04. Voice chat
The unique communication method of Air Rivals makes it possible to talk 1 on 1, within a formation and within the brigade communication with separate equipment (headset with microphone). This way the communication between players is easier than any other communication methods like chats. The players can be more focused on controlling their game. The voice communication in Air Rivals will help in strategy and tactics by making large-scale battles and missions more coordinated. A more systematic playing becomes possible.

05. Leader System
The leader, often referred to as the 'president', exercises the right of policy, manages the economic side of the nation and serves as the commander in chief of the military. The nation leader has a strong authority, gets economic help and can talk to the other leader 1 on 1 to settle any troubles. They are responsible to solve conflicts as well.

Source: AirRivals Official Homepage

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