Add Friends

No matter how fun the game is, you will easily get bored if you play by yourself.
In AirRivals there is a 'friend system.' In order to promote communities among users, AirRivals provides an extra experience bonus depending on the number of friends in the game. We suggest you to play with various friends.

Extra Experience Bonus (Getting 0.5% more experience per friend)

5 Friends 10 Friends 20 Friends 60 Friends(MAX)
2.5% 5% 10% 30%
friend1.gif Adding someone to the friends' list (Direct Way). Click mouse button while pressing 'Alt' key on the friends' name, the window will pop up as above, and click 'Enter a Pal'. Then the invitation will be sent automatically.
friend2.gif Adding to the friends' list (In Direct Way). Open up 'Friend' on the menu, then click 'add'.

Source: AirRivals Official Homepage

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