What is the 'Arena System'?

In the the arena system, players can fight under equal conditions. It is possible to select terms like number of participants or battle mode. The winning team gets rewarded.

•• What matches? Before entering the arena, you have to wait until you have found an opponent of the same level. Then you can enter the arena.
1) To enter the arena, you'll need to form a team with other players.
- When you have clicked on arena npc, press the 'create' or 'request' button to enter the waiting area.
- As soon as all preparations are finished at the waiting area, press the 'preparation ready' button on the right top information window.
Ex) Waiting area information window
2) When all players at the waiting room are ready, the server will search for opponents.
3) When an opponent matches, the server will send an acceptance message to the team at the waiting room. Ex) Acceptance message
4) Confirmation is done through the acceptance message. Then the players enter the arena.
5) As soon as the players entered the arena, the battle starts under its specific rules. The winning team will be rewarded.
•• What matches? Before entering the arena, you have to wait until you have found an opponent of the same level. Then you can enter the arena.

Arena rules

1) A player can't enter an arena war if he has either not selected a nation or when a mothership war or a base war is in progress.
2) When the player has entered the arena, no mission can be started.
3) When the player has entered the arena, the return portal to the city cannot be used.
4) Call of hero used in the arena can only summon a player who is there at the time.
5) It is not possible to use 'brightness of leader' and 'guardianship of nation' while being at the arena.
6) The players can only fight in a battle against the other nation.

Arena level class

In the arena exist 4 classes. Only those fitting your level will be able to participate. The ones who don't won't be indicated on the list.

D Class C Class B Class A Class
Level 12~31 32~51 52~71 72~100

Arena chat

After entering the waiting room the arena chat can be used by typing % in front of the conversation.

Variety of Arena mode

1) Death Match
The Death match is all about the question which team gets faster to the target point to win the game. For each opponent shot down, the player will receive 1 point

A. Method : After a waiting time of 1 minute, the battle will start. When a player is shot down, he/she will be revived at the starting area. All SP, energy, shield and fuel will be filled up. When the match has ended, everyone will be teleported back to the city.
B. How to win : The first who reaches a target point will win
C. Time : 30 Minutes
D. Target points : The more team members, the higher the number of target points..

People 3 6 12 18 24
Target point 10 20 40 80 120

2) Round Match
Will be updated soon

Arena reward

1) Nation points
To both the winning team and the defeated team players nation points will be rewarded.

Number of team members Winning team Defeated team
3 10 Points 5 Points
6 20 Points 10 Points
12 30 Points 15 Points
18 40 Points 20 Points
24 50 Points 25 Points

2) War points
The players of both the winning and the defeated team will be rewarded with war points. Points differ according to the number of team members.

Number of team members Winning team Defeated team
3 15 Points 5 Points
6 30 Points 10 Points
12 60 Points 20 Points
18 120 Points 40 Points
24 240 Points 80 Points

3) Fame points and killmarks
Like the normal field war - when a member of the other nation is shot down the successful player receives a fame point and a killmark.
• What are war points?
War points can be obtained through the arena or a nation war. They can be used to buy items at the shop.

Source: AirRivals Official Homepage

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