The B-Gear is a relatively fast gear, with numerous offensive and defensive skills such as Ground Bombing, Air Bombing, Reduce Damage and Chaffs that make it a formidable enemy.

Base low level builds for this gear are:

Attack Build:

27def/agi/fuel, ~500(~64 spirit) or ~1000(~125spirit)sp and the rest into attack. This build makes B-Gears get more kills, but they die more frequently. This build is also good for grinding, altho 1000+ SP is ideal. Armor of choice is Serpent or Garuda.

Defence Build:

27+ attack, 27agi/fuel ~500sp,(~64 spirit) and the rest into defence. This Build makes B-Gears hard to kill, but also reduces their performance in wars. Although they can still do pretty nice damage with decent weapons on low defence targets such as attack build A-Gear and I-Gears
Defence build can be turned into a hybrid by increasing the points added in attack, lowering the defence.
Armor of choice is Phantom or Tackle.

Evasion Build:

27+ attack, 27 def/fuel, 500sp and the rest into agility. This is an unusual build, but still effective in wars in certain situations. Using this build, B-Gear can hunt A-Gears more easily. This build requires M-Gear buffs to be effective.

High level builds:

As B-Gears reach level 86, they become chasers that can boost at 520 m/s making them excellent interceptors. The preffered tactic is hit'n'run, they aproach the enemy at great speeds, take them by surprise and vanish before the others notice.

lvl 86 full attack:

84 def/eva, ~30 fuel, 500+ sp and the rest into attack (you can get around 180 attack with this build) With this much attack and using the lvl 85 Air bombing, B-Gears can do massive damage to any gear type and build. They can one-hit non-defensive gears with ease and make short work of even the lvl 80+ M-Gears. This build makes B-Gears rely on their speed more, since they have limited defence or evasion.

86 full defence:

84att/agi, 30 fuel, 500+sp and the rest into defence (upto 180 defence points). Fully buffed, this gear can reach upto 90% defence (with godcharm) making it a scary opponent. Altho they have low attack, using the lvl 85 ABM, they can still do heavy damage on low defence enemies, but they are nearly useless against high defence enemies.

86 hybrid:

84 agi, 30 fuel, 500sp and any combination of attack / defence (upto ~132 each) making it a balanced gear that really shines when is buffed by an M-Gear.

Check B-Gear Armors and CPU-s to help plan your build

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