A brigade is the same concept of a normal RPGs guild. Up to 30 people can participate in one flight brigade. This is another way to build up friendships within the game AirRivals. Here you can work towards better strategies and cooperation.

Creating Brigade

guild2_1.gif In order to use the brigade system, players have to choose whether to be a brigade leader or to join an existing brigade. Click 'Create' in the brigade window, then put your name and click 'Accept' in the popup window.
guild2_2.gif If the brigade was created successfully, the following screen will be shown:

Brigade Invitation

guild2_3.gif Direct Invitation Click mouse button while pressing 'Alt' key on the friends' name. A window will appear at the side, then click on 'Invite'. The invitation will be sent.
guild2_4.gif Indirect Invitation Click 'Invite' on the formation menu. The following window will pop up. Then type in the name of the person you'd like to invite. Click 'OK'.

Brigade Voice Chatting

guild2_5.gif Press the 'voice' button while being in the formation. Click 'Approval' when you get the brigade voice chatting acceptance window. Members will participate as formation voice. (Sometimes Voice chatting doesn't work properly under Windows XP SP2. This is caused by the windows security system. Exit the game and click 'unblock' on the security warning window.)

Make the brigade mark

guildmark2.gif When 'Pixel' is selected, resize as following:
guildmark3.gif Insert the mark. (Made with SOS for example)
guildmark4.gif Make sure to save the file in your AirRivals directory.
guildmark5.gif Click on the mark of the brigade menu, put in the name of the file directory.
guildmark6.gif If you have followed the steps correctly, you will see the brigade mark above the name.

Source: AirRivals Official Homepage

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