Conquest War

What are 'Strategic points'?

The 'Strategic point' is created randomly in random maps. It is created automatically at a certain point of a map. When attackers penetrate the other nation to destroy this 'Strategic point', large amounts of SPI, warpoints and nation contribution points will be given. However, if defenders defend their 'strategic point' for 1 hour, it will automatically disappear and they will also receive a large sum of SPI, warpoints and nation contribution points.
• Strategic points are not created between 2:00am and 10:00 am.

The role of strategic points within the game

- Strategic points are created to encourage PvP
- It does not have any self defense systems so players have to defend it.
- Strategic points are created randomly
- It stays for 1 hour after its creation. If it is destroyed within 1 hour, it counts as winning for attacker. It counts as winning for defenders if it doesn't get destroyed within 1 hour of its creation.

The fight against the warship has started!

When a certain amount of nation contribution points is reached to let a mothership appear on the other side, all created 'strategic points' will disappear regardless of time left. 15 minutes after the mothership has appeared, 'strategic points' will be created in all maps of the nation where the mothership has appeared. To destroy them in all maps will be an important strategy.

Places where the strategic points are created

'Strategic points' will be randomly created at the same place each time in any map.

BCU Bach mountain chain, Zaylope beach, Blackburn site, Starlite valley, Redline beach
ANI Edmont valley, desert of Ardor, Chrystal cave, plain of doleful melody, Heremez relic site

See also Strategic Points.

Complement for 'Strategic points'

- The winning nation successfully attacking or defending a 'strategic point' receives 500 nation points.
- When the 'strategic point' was destroyed or disappeared, all players flying in this map, the previous map or the next map receive 300 war points and a 'mystery SPI capsule ' which will be added into the player inventory. The player will receive a random amount of SPI when he/she uses the capsule.

Source: AirRivals Official Homepage

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