Desert Of Ardor

Map Picture


What Monsters are found here

Monster Level Type Other
SandMall Lv 25 Passive
Split Bonebat Lv 24 Passive
Fungers Lv 27 Aggressive
Zanonvalder Lv 28 Aggressive
Lucanose Lv 30 Aggressive
Aralion Lv 35 Passive
Hidden Trace No.1 Lv 25 Passive, Immoble Mission Map only
Blackbox of Gear Lv 1 Passive, Immoble Mission Map only

What gears should grind here

All between 15 and 25 (most of 25 will be in Crystal Cave and by 27, 28 they should migrate to dole)
The green circle is where most SandMalls are, there may be other areas too but pretty much this is where they are most populated. Blue circles are where to look for Split Bonebats. Red circles are Lucanose spots. Aralions are sprinkled through the map as are Fungers and Zanonvalders.

Where does this map fit into the overall picture?

It is the pathway from Edmont Valley to Crystal Cave and Doleful Plains

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