Edmont Valley

Map Picture


What Monsters are found here

Monster Level Type Other
Ammon Lv 18 Passive
Island Rock Lv 19 Passive
Sedium Lv 21 Aggressive
Valley Rock Lv 21 Aggressive
Creezo Lv 23 Aggressive
Cruiser Lv 25 Passive
Hate Rock Lv 25 Passive
Royal Hornian Lv 22 Passive Mission map
Hornian Guardian Lv 15 Passive Mission map
Egg of Hornian Lv 1 Passive, Immobile Mission map
Hornian Queen Lv 55 Aggressive Boss, Mission map

What gears should grind here

All between 15 and 20 (22 would be max i would say but its subjective of course)
The green circles are where most Cruisers are. IMO these are good targets for BG's practising gbm on air targets. Red circle is Ammon population. Blue is Hate Rocks. Cyan is Sedium. Yellow are Creezos. Pink is Valley Rock. Island Rock are in the center green circle.

Where does this map fit into the overall picture?

It is the pathway from Reynard Beach to Desert of Ardor

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