A formation system similar to a general RPGs party concept is available and up to 6 people can participate in this formation. A battle formation is selected directly by the formation leader.

As AirRivals promotes an active community, when hunting in formation, bonus experience points can be gained according to the number of members.

Variation of SPI, ITEM drop rate and experience bonus by creating formation

2 Members 3 Members 4 Members 5 Members 6 Members(MAX)
3% 6% 9% 15% 30%
guild1.gif Creating Formation Click 'Creation' on the Formation Window. A confirmation window will pop up. Click 'OK'. When the formation is created, the screen will be shown as seen below.
guild3.gif Formation Invitation Direct invitation: Click mouse button while pressing 'Alt' key on the friends' name, the window will be shown at the side. Click 'Invite'. The invitation will be sent.
guild4.gif Indirect Invitation Click 'Invite' on the formation menu. The following window will pop up. Type the name of the person whom you'd like to invite. Click 'OK'.
guild5.gif Position of the Formation Click at the 'Dropdown Box' on the 'Formation flying' at the next menu. Select from what you like.
guild7.gif Formation Voice Chatting Formation and brigade leaders can start the formation voice chatting. When the 'voice' button is pressed in the formation window's interface, each member of the formation will receive the formation voice chatting acceptance window. Members of the formation who have accepted formation voice chatting will participate iat the formation voice. (Sometimes Voice chatting doesn't work properly under Windows XP SP2. This is caused by windows security system. Exit the game and click 'unblock' on the security warning window.)
guild8.gif Leaving formation If you want to leave the formation, click 'break'. When you click 'OK' in the confirmation window, an information window will pop up. Click 'accept' when the message asks you if you want to leave the formation.

Source: AirRivals Official Homepage

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