Hamed Al Arii
Race: DECA Nationality Unknown
Age: 34 Rank Sergeant first class
Height 182cm Weight 74kg
Be under the command of (present) Cowboy Be under the command of (changed) Etranger Chevalier
A humorous person, attracting high popularity within the mercenary soldier squad because of his cheerful and optimistic disposition. He volunteered to join the army when he was still very young at the age of 18. Flight training was conducted at the age of 20 and, 2 years later, he participated as on of the the I-Gears test pilots. At the age of 24 he joined the war in the regular army but struggling with the strict military law and continuous interference from officials, he discharged himself from the army. At present, he is actively participating as a pilot in various programs. Although he is crazy about money, he is also a spendthrift who enjoys drinking with his comrades. Because of all the drinking, his financial standing is precarious to say the least. His family consists of 3 sisters and himself with him as second eldest in his family. Even though he is a little stubborn and waywardly, his sunny character enables him to have little ill will to anyone so he doesn't hold grudges. He is not married, although he has proposed to another pilot in the same unit and was flatly rebuffed. Later, he became dissatisfied with the Bygeniou regular force and joined A.N.Is Etranger Chevalier.

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