Hornian Queen

A big bee.

Can be found in Edmont Valley mission map and Hornian King's Habitat.
Has three types of attack, the usual direct fire which doesn’t hit if you strafe, an AOE which you have to tank and it can spawn a bunch of spirits (little bees).

The latter will usually aggro the gear which did the most damage to it, which is usually the a-gear sieging it. One or two gears should dispatch the spirits then - if they can’t one-shot them it is recommended to shoot as many as possible in order to draw away the aggro from the poor a-gear.

Spirit-spawns can be predicted as the queen stands still for quite some time before vomiting them out.

As spirits provide good exp for certain levels, people sometimes tend to hang around queen farmers in order to get a bunch of mobs to kill. Ask them what they’re up to before throwing a fit.

Also follow a dying queen to the ground to see the death animation.
Typical Drops

Queens got a big nerf in drops and now typically drop Cards and certain minerals. It will still drop unique items, but only after finding hundreds of level 60 CPU’s, Enchant Cards, and Honey.

~info from aircodex.org

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