HUD description

Monster colors

This is the highest level color you can get from a monster. It is strongly suggest to not hit this monster alone.

Dark Red:
This is pretty much the same as Purple, this monster is really high level compare to you.

Light Red:
This is a color that is killable, it isn't the best to kill these to gain experience. They usually takes a quite some time time to kill.

The monsters with this color are the best to level up. They give good experience and they can be killed fast.

Light Blue:
This monster can be killed easily but it doesn't give such a good experience for your level.

Dark Blue:
This monster can be killed really fast but the experience makes you level up slowly.

This monster is like a boss-type monster, they give more experience and more drops then usual monster of the same type.

It is possible to see some exceptions in the game. Flagship/Mothership for example are made to be killed by many players. We do not know if their color will be lowered one day. Some monsters seems to remain red no matter what level you are.


The radar at the top right of your screen will show the contacts within the range provided on this line.

Red = Monster
Orange = Enemy Unit (player)
Yellow = Friendly Unit

No.1 Top left corner fuel display: Current fuel remains.
Blue Part: Gear shield
Highlighted frame: This is the booster gauge. When the gauge is empty, the booster can't be used before being fully refilled.
Speedometer: Current Speed
Red Part: Hit Point of the Gear
Yellow Gauge: Amount of Skill Points(SP)
No.2 Shows the name and energy level of the target you're currently locked onto.
No. 3 The radar includes the four cardinal directions and shows the location of all nearby objects that can be detected. The coordinates and map name are visible above the radar. An altimeter is in on the right side of the screen.
No. 4 Altimeter : The lower the altimeter, the closer you are to the ground.
No. 5 Basic Weapon Status Window : Shows the name of your standard weapon, its image, and the remaining ammo count. You'll see there when you have to reload. If you have no weapon installed, it will read as EMPTY.
No. 6 Advanced Weapon Status Window : Shows the name of your advanced weapon, its image, and the remaining missile count. You'll see there when you have to reload,. If you have no weapon installed, it will read as EMPTY
No. 7 Game Guide : Shows useful game information.
No. 8 Chat window :You can use this to perform various commands or chat with other users. You have to press ENTER to start typing your message.
No. 9 Quick slot and experience bar : The quick slot is there to use items and skills. The experience bar shows how much experience is still needed for the next level.
No. 10 Game Option : Shows music player or changes game settings.

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Source: AirRivals Official Homepage

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