1. Background Development
After the official dispatch of the B-Gear, the resistance of Phillon people has increased. Above all, high technology weaponry as well as high ability missiles, and biological airframes started being developed by the Phillons, alarming Decans and forcing them to introduce countermeasures. I-GEARS possess strong missiles, their destructive power is strong and proximity speed of this fast new model of airframe was urgent to confront the present circumstances. Therefore, the F type engine in B-Gear, which was developed for sturdiness, was considered to improve its ability but was eventually rejected. Freeway Co. Ltds independently developed high speed airframe, I-Gear, to be produced on a large scale.

2. Basic Armament
The basic weaponry for the I-Gear is the same as for the B-Gear. However, even though auto contact has been applied, as the I-Gear is initially specialized as a light weight airframe a light type of weaponry, Beam type, is frequently being used. For air missile, Homing Missile is being used just like the B-Gear does . However, to support the I-Gears speed, A.Z.P Missile Launcher is being used that makes air battle, region control, ground backup, etc. possible.

3. Airframe Characteristics
Above all I-Gears characteristics are its speed and maneuvering skill. The time it takes from lowest speed to its maximum speed, Mach Back (the speed of sound in a jets case), takes only 1.7 seconds. Also the circling radius is narrower than any other gears, allowing it to move in narrow gorges at high speed. This airframe can also dodge missiles at high speed in an air-to-air battle. However, the basic weaponry is weak, which is a disadvantage in cases where strategic skill is required in one-on-one battle. But with the equipment of A.Z.P Missiles, strategic efficiency can be increased. This airframe is preferred by young pilots because of its beautifully formed line of colours and streamlined appearance. A specialized engine F type series, manufactured by T. Point INC, is equipped in this airframe as its computer.

4. Fundamental Design Data

Official Name Idle Sniper Manufacturer Freeway Co. Ltd
Type No. FRR-1EX Serial No. FRR-EX1-EXR
Player Decan Pilot Purpose of Usage Attack, Defense, Ambush, Guard
Function Method Gear and Cable, Board Source of Energy Gas Optical Molecular Form
Communication Distance
Output Minimum Output 920hp
Ordinary Output 2,225hp
Maximum Output 2,225hp
Main Weapon Basic Weapon Auto Contact way's all weapons.
Strategic Weapons A.Z.P Missile Launcher
Height 4.675m
Length 14.997m
Width 7.447m
Armor, Resources Airframe Mass 2,840Kg
Weapon Mass Basic 2,100Kg + Air Napalm Launcher 765Kg
1st Armor 97.55mm
2nd Armor 74.00mm
Armor Material Parallel Acryl Steel, Strong Moissanite, Carbon Steel, Titanium
Pilot 1 person (Associated with only controlling motion related in Gear's attack, defense, etc.)
Computer T.Point INC brand of Power Brain Sequence 7. 4.33Thz 1k TM Memory
Engine Freeway Co. Ltd brand of Mr. F Series - No. I F
Max. Speed 5,610km/H
Mach Back 1,200km/1.7sec
Max. Gravity 9.75G

5. Main Computer
The model I-Gear is using is Sequence 7, which is a Power Brain level (Great Central Processing Computer) produced by T. Point INC. for military use. The characteristics of the computer of T. Point INC is its quick response on speed, distance measurement, present speed and the enemies speed, weight etc. It also gives a good approximation of how much lammunition and missiles will be consumed and forecasts the time it will take for the pilot to accomplish his/her mission according to their combat style. Normal people may ask themselves why these kinds of features are necessary, but these are inevitable features for the pilot. Especially in battle with an enemy, the pilot may think "How much ammunition is needed to shoot the opponent down?" and he/she should be able to make a decision to continue fighting or call for help. This computer allows the pilot to make this kind of decision, which is crucial to his survival. Other than this, due to the use of L1~L5 Base Cache, L6~L8 Custom Cache and L9 independent measurement related, Point Cache, which is a wide range of bandwidth, 34.5 trillion/sec command is executed and system functions at 0.0078n/sec for the pilot. Since it is designed for air combat, thermal, landform sensing is weak but, on air it demonstrates premium measuring ability more than any other airframe.

6. Main Engine
I-Gear uses the F type main engine produced by Freeway Co. ltd. Since the instant output is high, instant acceleration is a great merit to this gear. However, due to a weak internal disturbance, many defects may come up without regular check-ups. F type engines do not only have the characteristics of good maneuvering ability and high acceleration rate, they are also easy to tune and maintain. The main frame is organized in a simple structure whereas the internal-combustion with basic structural form and cable-form of external fuel tube so that no problem exists with tuning of the exterior of the engine. In addition, easy reorganization for the engine is possible as long as any tuning device does not affect the injection section due to a long connection tube. The F type was initially produced for race purpose, but the greatest characteristics is the fact that tuning can be made according to the users desire. The present existing tuning device that is officially certified is the Inter Blast.

Official Name Fin Point Intercept Manufacturer Freeway Co. Ltd
Type No. FW-F1 Serial No. FWC-F1
Type of Airframe I-Gear Operation Form Inspiration, Explosion, Ventilation
Function Method Pressure Sensing Accelerator Oxidizer/Solvent Liquid/Atom Separable Photosynthesizing Liquid

Main Resources

Basic Output 1,277hp (Max 1,311hp) Min Toque 40,778kg (Max 49,007kg)
Maximum Output 2,300hp (Max 3,121hp) Max Toque 84,457kg (Max 93,151kg)
Operation Hour 19h ~ 40h Energy Expenditure 37,560cr ~ 54,400cr/H
Weight 645.1kg (754.71kg) Noise Level A (D)
Vibration Level A (D) Link System OK (OK)

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