Jennifer Alexandria
Race: DECA Nationality Unknown
Age: 28 Rank Sergeant first class
Height 165cm Weight 42kg
Be under the command of (present) Cowboy Be under the command of (changed) Aerial Cry
An unlucky pilot who was raised in an unfortunate environment. When she was young, she lost her father, an aviation mechanic, and her mother, a nurse, by a bombing from the army of the phillon planet. At the age of 3 she was sent to an orphanage. A cold image and her fierce eyes shadow her inner character of awful sadness and pure sensitivity. Her original dream was to become a writer, but her drive to avenge her parents' death led her to become a pilot. However, she does not regret her choice. Her determination and impulse are outstanding, the process of her work is resolute and of quick judgment even to others eyes. Due to her memories of her youth, she bears a big antipathy towards the anti-government, so she stays at B.C.U. Her record of the war in diary form plays a great part as a history book after the war.

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