Krueitoen Andersson
Race: DECA Nationality Unknown
Age: 43 Rank Sergeant first class
Height 188cm Weight 85kg
Be under the command of (present) Cowboy Be under the command of (changed) Aerial Cry
This guy is acting as a drill instructor and as the commander of the mercenary army. His nickname is "Skyrunner" . With his realistic way of thinking, charisma and strong leadership he unites the mercenary unit, turning it into a well-oiled machine. Originally he used to have a strong dialect but it is much better now. Only in emergency situations his dialect comes back into play. From first impressions, he is not much to look at and people tend to underestimate him. He has a vast knowledge of gears design and mechanisms, so he personally maintains his juniors gears from time to time. As a native of Bygenious' regular army, he joined B.C.U, but it does not look like he is thinking that Bygeniou governments administration route is correct. There seems to be more reasons for him staying at B.C.U. then apparent. He is a very good example of the old saying: "Never judge a book by its cover."

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