Making Legendary Armors

Making Legendary Armors

Legendary Armors are the 'dark' armors, they show up as purple in the game. What they are is a form of upgrade to a standard armor that gives them some unique properties

In order to make a legendary armor you need to combine a Seraphim Bible with the armor at the factory. You can upgrade any level 4x armor or higher. After upgrade it will revert to its lowest level with boosted status. For example, if you 'legend' a Final DoubleCoat, it will drop to level 45 with the enchance energy and sheild properties.

To further upgrade the legendary armor, combine the armor with a Metamorphose Mixture at the factory. The armor will upgrade another 10 levels. Every upgrade requires the previous version of the armor. There is significant risk of losing your item and the upgrade ingredients with every attempt so make sure you work with backup versions not the only one you have

What are the chances of my level "x" armour going to legend version?

V1 = 10%
V2 = 50%
V3 = 60%
V4 = 70%
V5 = 80%
V6 = 90%
Final = 100%

What is the path for upgrading it?

S-I -> S-II -> S-II I-> S-IV -> S-V -> S-VI -> S-Final**

What level does my armour go to when I legend it?

No matter what level your armour was to start with, it will drop to the same level as the Version 1 of that armour type. FOr example, if it's a Schnider armour, they start becoming available at level 43 so a legended version will be level 43, and then the first upgraded version 53 and so on. The doublecoat starts at 45, so the legended version is level 45, the first upgraded version is 55 etc

What are the items I need to make a legend armour?

You will need an 4x armour, though preferably one much higher level to increase your chances of success, and a Seraphim Bible as shown below. These are only available as drops from gold mobs and bosses so you may find they cost you a lot to buy from another player and should be used wisely


What do i need to upgrade my armour?

You will need a Metamorphose Mixture, shown below. These also only drop from gold mobs and bosses but much mroe frequently than bibles so are likel yto be a lot cheaper to buy or find


What are the chances that my legend armour will upgrade to version "x"

The rates of working are below. If it doesn't work, it will destroy your armour

SI -> SII = 50%
SII -> SIII = 40%
SIII -> SIV = 30%
SIV -> SV = 20%
SV -> Final = 10%

Can I enchant a legend armour?

No, you need to have your enchants on the armour before making it the legend version. You can not add more afterwards, as legend items can not be changed other than trying to upgrade them to the next version

Can I use enchant protects on my legend armour?

No, those are for cards only, and will not let you try and use them when combining an armour with a bible or upgrading it. If you try to comine or upgrade and it fails, your entire armour will be gone no matter what

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