1. Background Development
After the development of the B-Gear, military headquarters wanted to develop a new airframe that had good maneuvering skill as well as good defence. There was some urgency to develop a strategic airframe that could become accomplished on I-Gear. I-Gear first of all was weak in flying at low altitude resulting in the release of the M-Gear. The M-gear is strong at low altitude and short distance battle.

2. Basic Armament
In the beginning. the M-Gear was equipped with heavy weaponry but as this has proven to be ineffective, auto contact has been introduced changing the weaponry system. Presently, B-Gear as well as I-Gear use the same weapons. Due to expansion of airframe size, even with auto contact time, adjustment process needs to take place. The M-GEAR is not designed as an attack frame. Primarily, it works as a support craft and would work excellently as a backup airframe.

3. Airframe Characteristics
M-Gears can fight in situations where other airframes cannot, like enclosed spaces, low speed battles, low altitude battles etc. This is not an airframe substituting the strategic B-Gear or I-Gear. This is more of an airframe designed to support those Gears. As a strategic airframe, in order to take full affect as an air battle airframe, regional control as well as controlling of enemies infrastructure is its main objective. In other words, other airframes shield firing and distracting the enemy is one strategy for the M-Gear to carry on its mission. Moreover, M-Gear is equipped with reverse spray engine. This takes an important role in any strategy because no other airframes are equipped with this engine. This technology is not only an excellent development by the manufacturer, but also creates opportunities for effective tactical withdrawals. Additionally, in short distance battles, this device lowers the probability to be shot down by enemy fire as you have the enemy in sight all the time. However, one of the demerits is the fact that the airframe is slow. As it is designed as an airframe to fight at low altitudes and enclosed spaces not many problems have been reported though.

4. Fundamental Design Data

Official Name Meadow Burg Manufacturer Next Generation Co. Ltd
Type No. NGT-M-1-MBR Serial No. NGT-M1-EXR
Player Decan Pilot Purpose of Usage Transport, Supports Strategy, Attack, Protection
Function Method Gear and Cable, Board Source of Energy Gas Optical Molecular Form (Opposite Direction)
Communication Distance Under 80Km (Dependent on Satellite Radar on distance over 80Km)
Output Minimum Output 1,455hp
Ordinary Output 3,320hp
Maximum Output 4,785hp (Equipped with E. Tank for Hydrogen Cannon)
Main Weapon Basic Weapon All weapons that apply Auto Contact system
Strategic Weapons Hydrogen Cannon A type
Height 4.970m
Length 10.870m
Width 9.920m
Armor, Resources Airframe Mass 6,365Kg
Weapon Mass Basic 5,057Kg + Hydrogen Cannon 1,755Kg
1st Armor 133.68mm
2nd Armor 100.21mm
Armor Material Parallel Acryl Steel, Strong Moissanite, Carbon Steel
Pilot 1 person (Associated with only controlling motion related in Gear's attack, defense, etc.)
Computer Blue Core Co. Ltd brand of Thunder Force Mk-IV 3.96Thz 1k TM Memory
Engine Blue Core Co. Ltd brand of Transport Serial 1003-1A Counter Engine
Max. Speed 4,015km/H
Mach Back 1,200km/3.2sec
Max. Gravity 10.5G

5. Main Computer
The model Thunder Force Mk-IV, independently manufactured by Blue Core Co. Ltd, has been equipped as the internal computer. This computer is a bit slow compared to other airframes devices. but was chosen due to its high capability to quickly process information about the airframes condition at a low flying state and simulation skill. Above all, with cache bandwidth of up to L12 it has an amazing response time in any situation. In addition, in the case of replacing heavy weapons a simple interface provides the pilot an easy control by automatically switching systems according to the inserted data. Moreover, the computer allows high adaptation of engine and flying in backward direction. Thus, even flying backwards, the enemy can be targeted precisely giving the pilot all the opportunity to fight in any possible environment.

6. Main Engine
The main engine is also manufactured by Blue Core Co. Ltd, an engine named Transport Serial 1003-1A. The engine provides backward thrust allowing free movement in all directions and has a merit of low energy expenditure so that the airframe can fly for a long time. Due to unavoidably large design this system was unable to be reproduced on other airframes although it was attempted. Also low efficiency is evident between output ratio and Torque but this is a common problem visible in backward thrust engines.

Official Name Counter Shoot Manufacturer Blue Core Co. Ltd
Type No. 10238 Serial No. BC-0015874A
Type of Airframe M-Gear Operation Form Inspiration, Explosion, Ventilation
Function Method Pressure Sensing Accelerator Oxidizer/Solvent Liquid/Atom Separable Photosynthesizing Liquid

Main Resources

Basic Output 1,547hp Min Toque 53,447kg
Maximum Output 4,775hp Max Toque 110,256kg
Operation Hour 16h ~ 27h Energy Expenditure 43,000cr ~ 78,020cr/H
Weight 911.5kg Noise Level B
Vibration Level B Link System OK

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