Making Legendary Weapons

Making Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapons are the 'dark' weapons, they show up as purple in the game. What they are is a form of upgrade to a standard weapon that gives them some unique properties

To make a legendaey weapon combine a Gematria Scripture with a weapon of choice. The weapon will drop to level 30 but with added bonuses. The higher level the weapon is the lower the risk is of breaking. A minimum of level 60 is required though.

To further upgrade the legendary weapon combine it with a Soul of Laplace at the factory. It will upgrade another 5 levels.

Dark -> Nergal -> Baal -> Astarore -> Serpin -> Leviatan -> Belpegore -> Belrial -> Rimmon -> Tamuz -> Witgang -> Martine -> Beredle -> Shamos -> Death

Because of the risk that the weapon might break it is best to enchant it with cards and fixer prior to the legendary combination. It is also not possible to further enchant a weapon that has been made legendary.

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Gematria Scripture Soul of Laplace
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