Michell Sevastianne Atelier
Race: DECA Nationality Unknown
Age: 30 Rank Master sergeant
Height 188cm Weight 83kg
Be under the command of (present) Cowboy Be under the command of (changed) Etranger Chevalier
Had been originally a basketball player and photographer. He keeps his shaved head, done during the time when he played basketball - to add intimidation to rivals. Everyone gets along well with him as he is very humorous and enjoys playing a joke, unlike his looks. He likes to show off, throwing himself into any situation with gusto. His photographic skill is excellent, so when he is not at the battlefield, he takes his airframe to air and takes panoramic views of the beautiful Phillon planet. With these pictures, he opened an exhibition. The reactions to his exhibition were surprisingly great, so he opens his exhibition at regular intervals. Although he always makes other people laugh and happy, he has a lot of dignity and pride within himself as he has first-class knowledge and experience about piloting and gear. He has Ceris Valdergrann in his heart but he was always too shy to confess his true feelings to her. When the war started and everyone broke up due to their political or individual reason, he followed Ceris Valdergrann to A.N.I. His gear ability lacks a little bit, but when his knowledge from 20 years of exercise and precise judgment comes into play, it is shown most satisfactory.

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