Traces of gigantic god Pt.3 [Lv.29]


Message from [Herne Santoriani] of the Munebis Mercenary Army: Our first mission in the [Crystal cave] is to further refine the [Crossbow of gigantic god]. We have received information from our research institute that three more [Hidden traces] are expected to be under the ice and moss. Go to [Crystal cave] right away and search for these.


Target: Hidden trace No.2 1 pieces
Target: Hidden trace No.3 1 pieces
Target: Hidden trace No.4 1 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 35360
Trigger of Ancient: Mission_Trigger_Of_Ancient.jpg 1
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 81765
Bonus stat: Mission_Bonus_Stat.jpg 1

ANI missions

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