Traces of gigantic god (part 4) [Lv.36]


Message from [Herne Santoriani] of the Munebis Mercenary Army: We have new information about the [Crossbow of gigantic god]. We will need to combine scraps from each of the following monsters from the [Herremeze relic site]: [Ellos], [Gross] and [Naros]. I understand that you and your gear are not in their best shape but, as you are responsible for this item, I think you should be the one to own up to that responsibility. After completing this mission please return as soon as possible as you will be participating in the preparation of <Operation Aerial Strike>. Out researchers have informed me of only two more upgrades are needed so you will soon be freed of missions such as these. Santoriani out!


Target: Mission_Scrap.jpg Scrap E (Naros) 7 pieces
Target: Mission_Scrap.jpg Scrap N (Gross) 7 pieces
Target: Mission_Scrap.jpg Scrap G (Ellos) 7 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg
A-type Repait Kit: Mission_Repair_A.jpg
A-type Shield Kit: Mission_Shield_A.jpg
<crossbow part>: Mission_Crossbow_Part4.jpg 1

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