Blade of Bygeniou [Lv.37]


Message from [Herne Santoriani] of the Munebis Mercenary Army: <Freeska> of Bygeniou have just entered the [Herremeze relic site]. We do not know for sure how they have come so far so quickly but if they take the [Herremeze relic site] our strategic link to [Bark City] and [Rock Nest Bottom] could also be in danger. All members who are participating in this mission please go and take down at least 30 enemy planes! You will specifically need to bring down eight of each gear. When you are finished, our second force will provide you with further aid. So go and hunt them down until we arrive. As you must well know their skills are not to be taken lightly. Be careful. Santoriani out!


Target: Heavy arm 8 pieces
Target: Mellog 8 pieces
Target: Excalibur 8 pieces
Target: Shooting star 8 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg ?
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg ?
CPU?: Mission_CPU2.jpg 1

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