Violence blizzard [Lv.39]


Message from [Herne Santoriani] of the Munebis Mercenary Army: We have finally found the secret base of the Shrines. They have built their base deep within the snow field, [Violence Blizzard]. Although it is famous for housing many advanced minerals the climate is too volatile to transort goods there and build a base of our own. I wonder how they managed to build their base there? Although we know of their general location our scout plane with the exact coordinates was shot down right by the shrines base so we can't connect a warp gate nearby. We will load your airframe with the latest available coordinate data so please penetrate their base and bring back our scouts data box. Our last communication with the scout is thought to be near the back door of the Shrines base. Be careful, as you will be flying though a snowstorm. Santoriani out!


Target: Coordinate data box 1 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 81300
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 185411
Bonus stat: Mission_Bonus_Stat.jpg 1

ANI missions

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