Bark City domination plan (Part 1) [Lv.45]


Briefing to your independent mission execution unit: You will soon learn how much importance Bark City has on the Bygeniou vs. Arlington struggle. Presently, Bark City is filled with forces from [Violence Blizzard] as well as Shrines forces whoch retreated from previous incursions. Our first mission is to destroy thr Shrines gears. After out first goal is accomplished out next goal will be to sneak into Bark Undercity so be aware of this and prepare yourself for it. First, go to [Bark City] and destroy 10 of each: [Trimus], [Joymus], [Hovernmus], [Cygnus] and bring back they killmarks. Out!


Target: Trimus 10 pieces
Target: Joymus 5 pieces
Target: Hovernmus 10 pieces
Target: Cygnus 10 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 106800
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 292539
Bonus stat: Mission_Bonus_Stat.jpg 1

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