Bark city domination plan (part 2) [Lv.47]


Briefing to your independent mission execution unit: I knew we wouldn not be alone in our [Bark City] endeavors. Arlingtons top guns have also come here to take over [Bark City]. They must have assumed that we would be so exhausted from the last mission that they felt it to be the time to strike back. We will put them in their place. Head over to [Bark City] immediately and destroy the enemy gear. Just bring back some of their [Killmarks] but do not underestimate them. They would be foolish to send anyone but their best pilots to [Bark City]. If you underestimate their abilities, you will be the one being destroyed. Good luck!


Target: Mission_Heavy_Arm_KM.gif Heavy arm killmark 8 pieces
Target: Mission_Mellog_KM.gif Mellog killmark 8 pieces
Target: Mission_Excalibur_KM.gif Excalibur killmark 8 pieces
Target: Mission_Shooting_Star_KM.gif Shooting star killmark 8 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 140000
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 336148
Standard Probability Card: Mission_Standard_Probability_Card.jpg 2
Standard Attack Card: Mission_Standard_Attack_Card.jpg 2

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