Valley of rock [Lv.40]


The Aria mountain range is a large chain of mountains on the eastern continent which connects the [Redline Beach] of Bygeniou and [Violence Blizzard] of Arlington. This is the main habitat of [rock]. You have been appointed as leader of a research team to scout and investigate the ecology of the [rock] in that area. Although this research team consists of a small number of members, they are all elites, which leads me to believe that you will experience little to no problems with your mission. Oh, I almost forgot. We still need to name that place, but I cannot think of any name at the moment. When you send in reports about that area just name it anything you want and send me your report. For now, the reserach of [sepaum] and [bigfish] will be your highest priority as it is the mein prey of rock. Head off now! Do not forget to send your report!


Target: Sepaum 12 pieces
Target: Bigfish 8 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 40000
Advanced Quick Fire Card: Mission_Advanced_Quick_Fire_Card.jpg 2

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