Power of rage [Lv.42]


I have recieved your data analysis with your report. By looking at your report that place does not soudnt too peaceful. Also, I never thought that hostile monsters will be present at that place. I should have sent you out with more preparation. For now, I will send the supplies you have requested but it will take some time to reach you. As you have said that you can keep it up until the supplies arrive I would like you to do some research for me. By looking at your monster habitat data there is a hostile [rock] called [Sand rock]. As far as we know [rock] does not usually attack as long they are not attacked. However, this monster sounds very hostile, which makes us a little bit wary. Do som careful research on it. Oh! I have also sent high pressure fuel fot you to check out not only the lower layer but also the middle and upper part. Do use it wisely. That is all for now.


Target: Sandrock 20 pieces
Time limit: 15 minutes


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 47000
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 240000

ANI missions

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