Unforgivable [Lv.45]


How is <Rock nest middle>? By just hearing the brief story I see that you have found a strange monster called [mecharock]. By looking at its whole silhouette or its attacking pattern Shrines have made an unforgivable experiement. They must be mad as to mix the living with machines. Oh! Also, I heard I heard that you have found gears that seem to belong to Shrines? I think we need to perform a detailed investigation of Shines movement. For the time beeing, I would like you guys to catch [mecharock]. When we have the fragments, we will know more about their mechanics. Also, get rid od Shrine gear, [joymus], and do not forget to perform an ecology investment on the <Rock nest middle>.


Target: Joymus 12 pieces
Target: Mission_Mecharock.jpg Parts of mechrock(Mecharock) 8 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 50000
Angel Wing: Mission_Angel_Wing.jpg 2

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