Competence certification [Lv.1]


Message from [Krueitoen Andersson], leader of the mercenary army: I welcome you to our Bygeniou mercenary army. I have already received the data from your flight examination. You have quite an impressive operational skill but how will you face in a real fight? I would like to test you once again. Fly to [Stones ruin] right now and bring 3 [Bombing exerciser] and 1 [Fighter exerciser] back to me. These gears, which operate mainly on A.I, are made primarily for exercising fresh pilots. If you bring them to me I will recoqnize you as one of our mercenary army. Of course, you will also receive compensation for a job well done. As this is only your fist job your reward will only be [320SPI]. Good luck, we're counting on you!


Target: Mission_Shooting_Star_KM.gif Killmark of Fighter exerciser (Fighter exerciser) 1 pieces
Target: Mission_Excalibur_KM.gif Killmark of Bombing exerciser (Bombing exerciser) 3 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 320
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 104

Undecided missions

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