Decision [Lv.11]


The time has come. Do you remain with the Bygeniou patriotic army or move on to Arlingtons freedom fighters?


This mission is one that will be completed as soon as it starts

Bygeniou city United (B.C.U) Anti Nationalism Influence United (A.N.I)
With Bygeniou city in the middle, 2 forces are confronting eachother; A.N.I on the north and R.R.F on the west. Your assigned force is 'Freeska', the regular army of the Bygeniou 11th battle flying corps.
Is is a group that is approved by the [national force rally] of the Bygeniou government. they exclude other races other than their own with their objective of unifying the Phillon planet. With this arbitrary and linear political line their diplomatic position is at risk. This state has bolstered the 'anti government movement' in some regions.
[Aerial cry]
Freeska the 11th battle flying corps of the Bygeniou regular army, has 'Krueitoen Andersson', lieutenant general, as their leader. All operations and missions are executed independently and the command system is exercised independently as well. They are a force with a lot of freedom, unlike their political line.
With Arlington city in the middle, B.C.U to the south and R.R.F to the west, everyone is in a state of war. Your assigned force is an independent force, 'Munebis' that is based on the famous guard force 'Autms hawk'.
They are a rebellious movement that promotes a Anti-Nationalism Influence. They have stongly opposed the [nation force rally] and shouted for withdrawal from the Bygeniou government political line. When they where ignored drill instructors, commissioned officers, politicians and citizens retaliated by forming this army. Their objective is to achieve a peaceful unification of Vatallus, Phillon and Deca people with equality and freedom. This line did not earn much power due to the passive posture of Vatallus which caused a split with the Vatallus side.
[Aerial cry]
Originally formed from the famous 'Atums hawk' also known as 'warlord of Atum', the Muebis independent force is ably led by lieutenant general 'Herne Santoriani'. Their pilots are confident and have high self-esteem. They accomplish this with their focus on teamwork and great abilities. Even though they are a foreign legion their military dicipline and command system is second to none for a, albeit, fledgling force. They are gaining ardent support from Arlington citizens and have been called the [sword of Arlington]. They also this motto with the citizens of Arlington, 'Sword of Arlington. Slice the wickedness, munebis. Fly through our skies with our desires and idealism!'

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