Petra nest [Lv.3]


Message from [Krueitoen Andersson], leader of the mercenary army: Have you ever heard of a monster called Hornian? The large bees in Tylent jungle are called Hornian. It is typically not a belligerent creature but they can lash out if you get to close. According to intelligence sources, a few days ago one of the queen bees (aka [Hornian queen]) came outside of her lair to lay eggs in the Petras cave. The government has taken wuite an intrest in this information. If you can bring me 1~2 of these eggs, they are willing to develop an exclusive weapon for Hornian hunting. While this is not our typical line of work the gorvernment has specially requested us to bring these back. I have decided to send you on this mission so you could learn more about the cave. Go to Petras cave and bring back 2 samples of [Hornians DNA]. It's easy to aquire: Just shoot the Hornian's egg. When you have attained the samples go straight to the end of the cave and our retrieval system will bring you back to Bygeniou. It should be a piece of cake for someone like yourself. Payment for this mission will be [640SPI] and [Stat+1]. Good Luck!


Target: Mission_DNA.jpg Egg DNA of Hornian Queen (Egg of Hornian Queen) 2 pieces
Move: Go through Petra's cave (Mission)


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 640
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 152
Bonus stat: Mission_Bonus_Stat.jpg 1

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