Bonebat collector [Lv.4]


Message from [Krueitoen Andersson], leader of the mercenary army: This request is to hunt a monster called [Bonebat]. Bygeniou City Institute needs a solvent to use. Fortunately, the Bonebats gastic juice is very acidic, so much so it can even melt steel. It is very easy to burn so it will be an effective substance for making new gear parts. When these new parts come out the institute might even give them to us with a little discount. Not bad, huh? I know what you're thinking and it may seem like an unimportant job but I have assigned this task to all the other mercenaries with your level of skill. Just go to [Stones ruin] and bring down [Bonebats]. Occationally they will drop a [Gastric juice of Bonebat]. Gather 7 of these for me. You will be compensated with [680SPI]. I wish you a pleasant journey!


Target: Mission_Gastric_Juice.gif Gastric juice of Bonebat (Bonebat) 7 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 680
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 246

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