The Shrines Lookout [Lv.5]


Message from [Krueitoen Andersson], leader of the mercenary army: I have just reveived an urgent message from the governments intelligence department. The watchers you helped to keep under control have resumed their activities. Rumour has it that they were not being controlled at all. Also a new monster called [Superwatcher] has appeared out of nowhere. Your purpose for this mission is to go to [Stones ruin] and confirm the existence of the [Superwatcher]. If the rumours are true shoot down the [Superwatcher] to acquire its [record of superwatcher]. The intelligence department has informed me that superwatcher can be found near [the waterfall], [the broken windmill] and [the broken air defence artillery]. If you search theese areas carefully you should find them. Well, you cannot trust the officials 100% but it is the only reliable source we have at the moment. You receive [830SPI] as compensation. It is quite a generous payment for bringing down just one, isn't it? I wish you a pleasant journey!


Target: Mission_Record_Data.jpg Record data of Superwatcher (Superwatcher) 1 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 830
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 412
Thunderforce 4 VA: Mission_CPU1.jpg 1

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