Tylent jungle [Lv.7]


Message from [Krueitoen Andersson], leader of the mercenary army: Petras cave has become safe once again thanks to your work. Perhaps it is time for you to make a sweep of Tylent Jungle. According to Phillon natives Tylent jungle was a tropical rain forest with wide leaves, green vines, and massive trees. With constant rain and a dense forest making access limited even Phillon natives could never really explore that region fully. There you will find a group of monsters known as <Hornians>. Based on previous intelligence, Hornians have an organization and hierarchy system with Hornian queen as their leader and royal Hornians directly below her, Hornian blazers below them and so on. But I'm sure you already have a high understanding of them due to you previous encounters. There are also other kinds of bugs living within Tylent jungle. Those bugs are not belligerent so they will not be much of a threat. As they do make it difficult to travel, however, the government leads regular hunting parties against the bugs. We are routinely assigned to take down these pests. Go to [Tylent jungle] and bring back 7 [Nating eggs], 5 [Hornian DNA] and 2 [Titanmoth tentacles]. You will be compensated with [1,290SPI]. I wish you a pleasant journey.


Target: Mission_Egg.jpg Egg of Nating (Nating) 7 pieces
Target: Mission_DNA.jpg Hornian DNA (Hornian) 5 pieces
Target: Mission_Feather1.gif Antenna of Titanmoth (Titanmoth) 2 pieces


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 1290
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 1180

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