Whisper of Angel and Devil [Lv.8]


Message from [Krueitoen Andersson], leader of the mercenary army: Where have you been? I have been looking for you all day. I need you at [Tylent jungle] right away. There are radio transmitting devices roaming all over the place. A broadcast cominf from these devices, which were dispatched by Arlington, has cause Bygeniou government to issue a high alert. The government has sent us, the mercenary army, to collect these [transmitting devices]. The reason they have sent us on this mission rather than their own regular army is due to the broadcast. It has already been 30 minutes since our members have gone out, but seeing that out first flight crew has not yet returned, there must be a large amount of transmitting devices. Go to Tylent jungle right now and help them out. But before you go, there is one thing you need to keep in mind. We had to refit your Gear to store all these devices but we did not have enough time to complete the job. By looking at your gear, you will only be able to store these devices for five minutes. But with your skills 5 minutes should be plenty. I wish you a pleasant journey!


Target: Signal equipment (Transmitting device) 0 pieces
Time: 5 minutes 0 seconds


SPI: Mission_SPI.jpg 200 per kill
Experience: Mission_Experience.jpg 1933

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