What is a Mothership

A mothership (also known as MS) is a special type of boss that spawns every time 100,000 kills is reached by a nation. There is one for each nation and when you reach the kill criteria the other nations Mothership spawns for you to kill. When you get to within 5,000 kills of the 100,000 kill mark there will start to be warnings and game controlled spy gears appears within the enemys maps and when the final kill is done there will be a 15 minute countdown to say that the mothership will be launched. A Strategic Point will also appear in each of the enemy maps for you to kill on the way through to the mothership.

There is a unique looking Mothership for each nation, shown above

Why should we defend ours or kill theirs?

There are big bonuses for killing the enemy mothership or stopping them from killing yours. You get an increased rate of regeneration for the whole nation going up in 5% increments, you also get a Mistery Capsule that will give you extra funds. The winning nation is allowed to enter Hornian King's Habitat and Eopi.

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