Narrwiettue Marrer
Race: DECA Nationality Unknown
Age: 26 Rank First lieutenant
Height 178cm Weight 69kg
Be under the command of (present) Cowboy Be under the command of (changed) Etranger Chevalier
He is an AirRivals pilot who establishes the best formations with Michael Bogman Guierrhajre. His abilities are shown by his achievements which are impressive to say at least. His control ability is miraculous with 277 operation sorties, bringing down 16,211 enemy planes, 13.4% damage rate, and a flight distance of 1443,214 km - but especially by not refusing missions at gorge, valley and mountain range where flying is very hard. He is known as a natural leader in his field. His official rank is first lieutenant, but the mercenary army doesn't pay much attention to rank. In fact there are no others than the operation commander and the Chief of staff who can order this charismatic and skillful person. He has a hot temper mixing with a very strong ambition for victory. He doesn't talk much, has a stern appearance, and is fairly impatient. It pains him to see his old comrades and friends separating into B.C.U and A.N.I for whatever reason. He tends to follow his instincts and ends up at A.N.I. - though the choice was not due to political reasons but of a match against his most formidable rival, Michael Bogman Guierrhajre. He is a pragmatic person who values friendship higher than money - and comrades more than superior officers.

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