Normal Monsters
Monster Location
A-Gear Early Type Starlite Valley
Ammon Edmont Valley
Ammones Petras Cave (MM)
Aralion Desert of Ardor
Baby Rock Rock's Nest Top
Bali Denebola, Castor
Battle Flash Bach Mountain Chain
Battle Scout Bach Mountain Chain
Behemoth Zaylope Beach
B-Gear Early Type Starlite Valley
Bigfish Rock's Nest Bottom
Black Bonebat Bach Mountain Chain
Bladewing Violence Blizzard
Blood Ammon Blackburn Site
Bombing Exerciser Stones Ruin
Bonebat Stones Ruin
Cave Angler Crystan Cave
Chrystar Island Dream
Clisuma Zaylope Beach
Cluster Shum Reynard Beach
Coffle Plains of Doleful Melody
Condor Rock's Nest Top
Control Tower Starlite Valley
Craptor Reynard Beach
Creezo Edmont Valley
Cruiser Edmont Valley
Cursestorm Redline
Cygnus Bark City, Rock's Nest Top
Dagon Violence Blizzard
Dives Denebola, Castor
Driver Plains of Doleful Melody
Egg (Rock) Rock Nest Top
Egg of Hornian Queen Petras Cave (MM), Hornian King's Habitat
Egma Chaos, Dimension Corridor
Ellos Herremeze Relic Site
Excalibur Herremeze Relic Site (MM), Bark City (MM)
Felinoter Blackburn Site
Fighter Exerciser Stones Ruin
Fire Beetle Zaylope Beach
Fllaro Alphard, Polaris
Flyseed Stones Ruin
Frigg Violence Blizzard
Fungers Desert of Ardor
Funkylance Plains of Doleful Melody
Ghost Zaylope Beach
Gross Herremeze Relic Site
Ground Exerciser Stones Ruin
Ground to Air Cannon Violence Blizzard
Guard Messenger Reynard Beach
Hate Rock Edmont Valley
Heavy Arm Herremeze Relic Site (MM), Bark City (MM)
Heavy Messenger Island Dream
Hemo Stones Ruin (MM)
Hell Flower Herremeze Relic Site
Hell Lion Violence Blizzard
Highmecharock Rock's Nest Top
Highrock Rock's Nest Middle, Rock's Nest Top
Hornian Petras Cave (MM), Tylent Jungle
Hornian Blazer Tylent Jungle
Hornian Guardian Edmont Valley (MM), Tylent Jungle
Hornian Hunter Hornian King's Habitat
Hornian Knight Hornian King's Habitat
Hornian Spirit Hornian King's Habitat
Hovermus Guardian Blackburn Site
Hovernmus Bark City
Hovernpeas Crystan Cave
I-Gear Early Type Tylent Jungle (MM), Starlite Valley
Island Rock Edmont Valley
Joymus Bark City, Rock's Nest Middle
Joypeas Crystan Cave
Large Reynard Beach
Laum Alphard, Polaris
Lucanose Desert of Ardor
Lucas Redline
Mall Tylent Jungle
Mecharock Rock's Nest Middle
Mellog Herremeze Relic Site (MM), Bark City (MM)
Merroling Island Dream
Metanium Island Dream
Meto Redline
M-Gear Early Type Starlite Valley
Missile Launcher Plains of Doleful Melody, Violence Blizzard, Bark City
Naros Herremeze Relic Site
Nating Tylent Jungle
Oannes Denebola
Obeunmall Bach Mountain Chain
Overwatcher Stones Ruin
Pepo Stones Ruin (MM)
Perry Messenger Plains of Doleful Melody
Radar Violence Blizzard
Rebel Bomber Starlite Valley
Rebel Fighter Starlite Valley
Rebel Ground Starlite Valley
Rebel Machinegun Starlite Valley
Rebel Support Starlite Valley
Redline Coast Turret Redline
Regin Denebola, Castor
Rock Bach Mountain Chain
Rockelite Rock's Nest Top
Rocket Launcher Plains of Doleful Melody, Bark City, Starlite Valley
Rocky Blackburn Site
Rojin Reynard Beach
Royal Hornian Edmont Valley (MM)
Sandmall Desert of Ardor
Sandrock Rock's Nest Bottom, Rock's Nest Middle, Bach Mountain Chain
Scout Guard All ANI/BCU maps, Den of site - A, Den of site - B, Bark Undercity
Sedium Edmont Valley
Sedius Violence Blizzard
Sepaum Rock's Nest Bottom
Shabelle Tiger Zaylope Beach
Shooting Star Herremeze Relic Site (MM), Bark City (MM)
Shill Interceptor Chaos, Dimension Corridor
Shrine Archer Herremeze Relic Site
Spear Fighter Violence Blizzard
Split Bonebat Desert of Ardor
Sporty Bach Mountain Chain
Square Large Crystan Cave
Superwatcher Stones Ruin
Support Exerciser Stones Ruin
Tetino Reynard Beach
Thor Blackburn Site
Tin Bat Crystan Cave
Titanmoth Tylent Jungle
Transmitting Device Tylent Jungle (MM)
Trimus Bark City, Rock's Nest Middle
Valderlance Plains of Doleful Melody
Valley Rock Edmont Valley
Veres Alphard, Polaris
Vulture Rock's Nest Bottom
Warvalder Redline
Watcher Stones Ruin
Water Tank Vessel Plains of Doleful Melody
Zanonvalder Desert of Ardor
Zennonger Blackburn Site
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