Reynard Beach

Map Picture


What Monsters are found here

Monster Level Type Other
Cluster Shum Lv 16 Passive
Craptor Lv 15 Passive
Guard Messenger Lv 17 Passive
Large Lv 14 Passive
Tetino Lv 21 Passive
Rojin Lv 18 Passive
Refining alloys No. 1, 2, 3, 4 Lv 1 Passive Mission Map
Rebel Support Lv 12 Passive Mission Map
Surface rebel Lv 14 Aggressive Mission Map
Rebel bomber Lv 13 Aggressive Mission Map
Rebel fighter Lv 14 Aggressive Mission Map
Melling Lv 20 Passive Mission Map

What gears should grind here

All between 11 and 15 or 20
The pink circle is where Guard Messengers are. The blue is for Tetino's and Large's. The Cyan is Rojin's and some Large's. The green is Craptors. Cluster Shums are found in the green and pink circles.

Where does this map fit into the overall picture?

It is the pathway from the ANI Town to Edmont Valley

Special Information

  • There are no gold monsters for Reynard
  • The ANI Mothership spawns over the water in this map when the NCP reaches every 100,000
  • BCU will instantly town if they die in this map
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