Maps containing the advanced bases cannot be accesed by anyone, only during the 2 hour window when the war for the base is happening. Although brigade members in possesion of the base can enter the map containing the base and the base itself at any time. They also have special portals, similar to town portals that take them dirrectly to their base. Nation leaders can also enter the base(s) their nation posesses but do not get full advantage of it like the brigade who is in controlo f the base.

Every month, together with the NCP reset and the leader reset, advanced bases also get reset, becoming neutral. During this time, noone can enter or use the advanced bases.

When the warps open and the 2 hour long war for the adv. base begins, both nations rush to do most damage to the Protector (similar to a core). The brigade that does the most damage to the core get initial posession of the base, but cannot enter yet. The Protector turns into a CPU that has relatively high HP. It takes a whole nation to kill a CPU. If a CPU is destroyed, it turns into a neutral Protector.
The leader of the brigade with the initial posession can activate the CPU at any time, turning it into a protector with lower HP (sometimes a well organised formation can kill these). As the brig leader activates the CPU, a bar appears on the lower part of the screen that if fully loaded, towns all the enemies found in the map of the adv base, giving the defending nation time to organise itself. If the Protector is destroyed by the attacking nation, it turns into a CPU with the brigade that has done most damage to the Protector as inital posessor.

After the 2 hours pass, the winning brigade can enjoy the Base that they won, and take full advantage of it…till next time :P

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