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This is the repository for LMS to provide each other with game info. A number of items from the old static site are making their way over and we will add some markers for sections we want written. If you want to write a section or two, contact GroundBreak3r, Azuma or TitanRabbid who will organise the permissions you will need to do this

Enjoy the info!

There are some things you need to know:

  • This site is for LMS Members, but is viewable by other players so don't add anything sensitive here like your contact details, use the secured forum for that
  • This site is edited by the users, so the information may not be 100%
  • Some of us speak and write English as a 2nd or 3rd language, so please be tolerant of the odd grammar error
  • Site admin is Groundbreak3r
  • Site Moderators are Geno, Azuma & TitanRabbid
  • Site contributors are Zhair, 1dog and Bell

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