Strategic Points

What is a Strategic Point

A Strategic point (more often called a SP) is a random game element that appears in either your own of the enemy nations territory. The nation is to defend ones in their maps and destroy any that appear in enemy maps. You get a time limit of 1 hour to destroy it before it disappears and the nation who's territory it is in wins. They have significant health but no defensive abilities of their own so it is up to the nation to do all of the work destroying them. They only ever appear in the battle channels and only in a certain set of maps.

Why should we defend/attack these

There are significant bonuses for a successful defense or destruction. You get war points if you are on the same map as the SP when it goes down or is saved (300 for a win, 100 for a loss) or in the maps one to either side. of it. You get a SPI Capsule and the winning nation gets 500 Nation Contribution Points as well

Which maps do these appear in

ANI: -Edmont Valley —> Herremeze Relic
-Atus Beach —> Portsmouth Canyon (Pandea Chain)

BCU: -Bach Mountain Chain —> Redline Beach
-Kahlua Beach —> Daisy Big Catchment Area

Note - Violence Blizzard and Sunken City do not spawn SPs.

How can we take them down

Attack them like you would attack a mob.

What about the special Mothership SPs? Are they different?

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