The War At The Front Base

What is the 'front line base war'?

The front line base war is the war to conquer the front line base of the enemy located at a point of strategic importance. The front line based is held by only one brigade. The brigade commander who owns the front line base can be supported for a short time by his brigade members with a certain amount of warfunds. Brigade members can enter the enemy territory by the warp portal, the NPC and the returning portal. They can also get the rewards for nationa wars.

Benefits of acquiring the front line base

1) The brigade commander who own the base can be supported a short time by players with a certain amount of their war funds.
2) The brigade commander who owns the base gets 0.5% of all war funds his brigade possesses.
3) The brigade member who owns the base can get the advantage to enter the enemy territory first.
4) All members of the winning nation receive 300 war points.

Rules of the advanced base war

1) The front-line base war has a time frame of 2 hours each 5 days. The brigade commader who owns the base can set the time for the next advanced base war.
2) The map where the front-line base is located at cannot be entered by anyone except all members whose brigade owns the base.
3) When the front-line base war is in progress, nobody can enter the base.
4) In order to conquer the front-line base, you have to replace the CPU system after having destroyed the protector. The replacement process will take 5 minutes.
5) The brigade commander who damages the protector most gets the right to do the replacement. The nation leader cannot possess the advance base.
6) As soon as the replacement has started, the enemies should try to destroy the CPU. If they fail to destroy the CPU, the front-line base will be conquered by the brigade that replaced the system.
7) When the enemies have begun to replace the system, it would be better to defend the CPU rather than destroying it.
8) During the war, all brigade members who own the base can be revived at the gate of the base. All the other players can be revived at the map where they have played before entering the front-line base war.
9) After the front-line base war, the ownership of the base will be given to the brigade that conquered the base for 5 days.

[ Protector ]
The right for replacing the system will be given to the brigade that damages the protector most.
[ CPU ]
When the protector got destroyed, the CPU will appear.
The reconstruction will start when you click on the CPU and press ALT.
[The front-line base manager NPC]
The front line base manager is a NPC . He is always at the base, offering information and granting war funds. He also sets the time for the next war.

Source: AirRivals Official Homepage

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