Violence Blizzard

Map Picture


What Monsters are found here

Monster Level Type Other
Bladewing Aggressive
Dagon Aggressive
Frigg Aggressive
Hell Lion Passive
Radar Passive, Immobile
Sedius Aggressive
Missile Launchers Aggressive, Immobile
Spear Fighter Passive
Ground to Air Cannon Aggressive, Immobile
Energy Core Passive, Immobile Boss, appears only in map (0)

What gears should grind here

This seems better suited to IG's relative to BG's. Some people suggest lauchers but frankly their drops aren't worth it. Neither is the XP.
Red circles mark Dagon populations. Cyan circles mark Sedius populations. Brown are Spear fighter populations. Green are Bladewing populations. Friggs are sprinkled around the map but the yellow circle is good for them. In addition the brown circle in the southwest area and the yellow circle are good spots for Hell Lions.
Radars and Ground to air cannons are ringed around the northwest canyon. The center of the canyon contains the Energy core.

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