World Of AirRivals

The world of AirRivals
There were those who tried to interchange between the Deca Union and Vatallus. Although they are called rebels by the government, their goal and beliefs were coming gradually to the fore due to the occupation of Redline and Starlite valley. But rebel troops had a disadvantage due to insufficient resources. Their technology was derived just from Decas minerals. They were not used to obtain information about Phillons minerals. Therefore, there were few resources to use for their technology. The city that was built by Decan in other Eastern areas suffered the same situation as the rebels. So they decided to implement a re-fulfillment of the Artum project. However, this project disappeared due to war and conflict and was never to be seen again. All they had was just some fragmentary knowledge through some people who joined that project. Moreover, men who joined Artum project didn't come forward straight away because of possible repercussions. As a result of that, and as resources were already spent, the re-fulfillment of Artum project was abandoned in any official capacity. However, the project has progressed secretly. Every city who had remaining people made it possible that those who wanted joined the secret project. One special technician, the one who had taken charge of the realization of the Artum project, decided to join to rebel forces so this plan assumed a rapid aspect. After that, Arlington City concluded a secret agreement with the rebel forces and they supported their secret experiments. Therefore, the Artum project will be developed again, more important than competition for resources which still has to go on. The prelude of the war though began again from the Artum project.


Source: AirRivals Official Homepage

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